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"Live beach show on the palm in Dubai, wow what an experience!"


Performing the 2016 festivals is so much fun. Huge crowds, lovely supporters!"


"Such a fun show with 'The Lovettes' at the Waterside hotel this weekend".


"Live on stage tonight for thousands of people with Heart FM, I loved it!"


"Donna and Marc it was my absolute pleasure to sing for you both!"


"Getting to perform as Disney's Princess Elsa with 'Let It Go', I do love it"


"What a fantastic show for Heart Radio, I sang for a proposal today too!"


"Singing in beautiful Tuscany for Holly and Craigs wedding, an honour!"


"What an honour it was performing for our brave soldiers and veterans"

"Singing in Ibiza for Katie and Chris was fantastic, beautiful wedding"






Whether you want all night entertainment or just that one favorite song for a very special occasion, Joanna has the perfect live entertainment package for you!




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Please note that once an entertainment booking has been made, Joanna is committed to that event and will often have to turn down other work due to existing booking agreements. Therefore please understand that booking cancellations may incur a fee.








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